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    Thank you for this ruleset! Your work also convinced me to buy the OSE rulebook - looking forward to running keep on the borderlands with my son to show him what got me hooked back in the day!

    Play Adventurers League games on Fantasy Grounds Here!

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    Great. I'm converting the content to FG now. I need people to ping NG on discord so they can sell their content on FG. So if you think you might like to buy their content please message them.

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    I would absolutely buy all of the OSE modules Gavin has put out. What should I ask him? Have you been in contact with him and offered to convert his content ("Please let Bayne convert your content"), or is this more of a cold request ("Please make your content available on Fantasy Grounds")?

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    So it looks like he wants to move forward on this. We have been talking off and on the last few months. He told me he emailed Doug so we shall see what happens. I'd like him to open a forge account and sell his content on there. I know FG will support this as I have already spoken to DD about this. He doesn't want wormzines converted but everything else is on the table.

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    OK new .pak file on the forge. There was an error in the roller that occurred with some spells. I fixed the roller and added code to prevent errors if the spell is not properly built in. I also changed the die field to a string field. So instead of dropping die you will type "1d6" etc. Damage and heal spells will need to be updated. I forwarded the changes to AlterZwerg who created the SRD.

    Second. You may notice a new button for NPC effects on the NPC record. The following damage types are in the game. Acid, cold, fire, electrical, poison, chlorine, psychic, radiant, mundane, magic and silver. The following effect types are in game: IMMUNE RESIST, VULN, ATK, DMG, AC, SAVE.

    An example would be IMMUNE: poison or AC:1. This is a work in progress. When you input the text into the NPC it automatically populates the Combat Tracker. For now only ATK DMG , AC and SAVE are coded to automate. The rest are coming in updates as I add fields to both spells and weapons and code the scripts.

    To code this on an NPC just type the damage type in the appropriate box. If the monster has mundane damage immunity use: "can only be harmed by silvered or magical weapons" or "from nonmagical attacks". For the one monster that has damage reduction by half you can use : "All damage reduced by half". Use commas to separate any damage types.

    For example: "poison, fire, and can only be harmed by silvered or magical weapons"

    Should yield : IMMUNE: poison,fire,mundane, !silver,!magic.

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    Am I mistaken or are there no cones and no spell areas?

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    I don't understand your question please be more specific.

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    I mean the figures for measuring the area that hits fireball-type spells

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    Oh I see right click on the map and draw the cone shape. It will give you distance as long as your grid is setup. Are you new to FG?

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    Unfortunately I've already tried this but I don't know why the cone is not among the options, in fg classic I didn't have the problem but with unity I do.

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