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    The link takes me to your profile, is there a way to purchase or download these files from there?

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    I have thought about making some single missiles and salvo tokens or images and maybe sand. What space battle map are you using? Would just a regular single square token work on it? There are a few space battle maps floating around.

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    Might finish my starport pad this weekend.

    Definately couldn't finish it last weekend. Lots of work yet. Here's an updated WIP shot.

    Capture 6.JPG
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    I'm using this, without a grid, so we can just move the ships and tokens around in the range bands freely. Need to be pretty unrestrained right now, since the space combat tracker is not really fully automated at the moment
    I am realizing that I will need to create dummy ship registries for the sand and missiles, in order to put them on the combat tracker, since there not really any other way to get a token onto a map that I've been able to figure out. hmmmmm *thinking face*

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    Starport maps has been taking all my limited free time lately. I'll try to render up some missiles and drones this weekend. It would be nice to have something for drones and missiles for future deckplans too.

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    Still plugging away on starport maps. No progress on missiles. :-( Got sidetracked making a multi-purpose 50 ton cargo/tow/lift ship. STILL waiting for Traveller Companion. Hopefully we see some ruleset updates soon too. crossing my fingers.

    Currently my main starport map is 10,700x7500 px, 3.96MB (was 8MB before further compression) and the other few will be the same. Thats pretty big and it has to be (its a starship landing pad after all). I can break it up by building I suppose with an overview with pins for each section. But is that really that bad? especially for FGU with decent internet? One of our players is on a tethered cell-phone and another is on starlink and the worse that happens is someone has to wait a bit for load while we BS. I'm hosting from WIFI so its only that fast too. First release might be big huge maps with a warning. :-) I'm getting lazy.

    sp full night far 3.jpg

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    Easily have 100+ hours into this in modeling, rendering, mapping, LOS, manual just for this starport project. Original plan was to release it in stages on the forge. starport 1 would be the 100-200 ton pad, starport 2 the repair/refit bays and starport 3 the large pad and starport 4 parts of the the actual starport hub. waiting on more specific guidelines which would or would not allow us to charge for forge items and outline other requirements for MGT2. Thought about maybe trying to release it as a in-progress dontation based project like a kickstarter but on the Forge? That would be charging technically so that's out for now. So rather than focusing on a staged release, I pretty much have 80% of starports 1,2 and 3 done and even started on 4. Hoping we get some kind of TAS agreement like DTRPG has soon. In the meantime, I'll post occasional screenshots of what would have been starport 4-10.Capture nov 2.JPGCapture nov 3.JPG

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    Is there anyway for these to work with a system like starfinder?

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    I have an unrequited love of deckplans and these are wonderful. While the black and white ones I usually see are nice and simple...having ones in color are much more immersive during an adventure.

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    They require MGT2 and I think MGT1 also works.

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