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    Added a tracked utility vehicle and cargo handler to vehicles 1 forge item. Once approved, I'll post the update.

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    Just now noticed that I called the thread Deskplans and not Deckplans. Wow. Might start another thread... Might just keep it that way. :-) Leaning towards keeping it that way. They are plans I make at my desk I suppose.

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    love this thread, never change

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    Working on the Mercenary Cruiser

    Traveller thread has slowed to a crawl. Hope new content is just around the corner? Looking forward to the Traveller Companion. Here's a small screenshot of my latest deskplan work-in-progress.

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    Merc Cruiser posted for approval. Should be live sometime today hopefully. :-)Merc capture 3.JPG

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    I just wanted to pop in and thank you Pharoid! I am prepping for my first game since picking up your maps. I knew on the Forge previews I was already going to enjoy your deck plans but I am blown away at the LoS implementation and the link back pins to the sourcebooks.

    Keep up the good work!
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    Thats great! :-) thank you! I love hearing from people who've used them. Switching gears a little and working on starport maps now. 100-ton landing pad with associated support structures and a tram.

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    Grabbed all your stuff off the Forge. Really awesome work.

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    Thatís awesome! I agree there just isnít much out there for Traveller specifically. Iím always looking for assets! Thatís my only complaint about FG is the lack of Sci Fi assets. Unfortunately Roll 20 has a bunch and most of the good ones are only able to be used thereÖ

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    One of the token sets we need is a mix of missiles(Antimatter, Decoy, Fragmentation, Nuclear, etc) to track salvos on the space battle map. something you'd be interested in working on?

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