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    CRW Desckplans on the Forge

    Making a new thread to support my deckplans on the Forge.

    I really didn't like many of the sci-fi asset packs available for use with Traveller so I made my own. Mostly 3d modeled and rendered assets used in the deckplans which I load into Arkenforge. I'm refining and creating more assets as I go as well. Eventually I'll release the asset pack but right now its just a mess and disorganized. Comments and suggestions welcome. :-) They currently include LOS and I plan on adding lighting eventually once I figure out a way I like.

    My Forge Crafts:

    So far I've got:



    TheRock Spacecraft : 10k ton starship
    Small Craft: Pinnace, Slow Pinnace, Ships Boat, Slow Boat Modular Cutter, Shuttle and Launch
    Scout Courier and Seeker
    Free and Far Traders
    Commerce Raider Harrier (includes a Sindal Empire Harrier)
    Subsidised Merchant
    Empress Marava Far Trader
    Serpent class scout
    Mercenary Cruiser


    Vehicles 1 (includes the following vehicles)
    3 unique open top airrafts
    2 unique covered airrafts
    2 unique ATV's
    1 unique G/Carrier
    1 unique G/Bike
    1 unique G/Floater
    1 unique AFV
    1 unique tracked tank
    added 25px per square top-down ships
    MGT2 Alien Tokens
    Vargar and Aslan top-down tokens

    All Rulesets:

    starport 1 : 3 landing pads and associated buildings for starships.
    starport 2 preview Corporate District
    starport 2 Trade District
    starport 2 Corporate District
    starport 2 Admin District
    starport 2 Supplemental (19 25px maps in the starport and 1 warehouse. lots of content)
    starport 2 MegaCorp (8 level Mega Corporation building)
    starport tokens
    sci-fi top-down robot and human tokens.

    Working on:

    Some addon buildings to corporate district. megacorp battlemap. done
    Gov District 95% done (on hold pending Blender import of starport) done (in supplemental)
    adding lighting to starport 1 building interiors. Done.
    added lighting and fixed LOS on deckplans. Done
    Updated Starport preview maps lighting. Done
    added some top-down ship assets to free vehicles 1 forge item. done

    working on tram station and central hotel complex and starport content underground.
    probably port the small starship pad w/los and lighting here.
    first starport token release. Done
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    1+ year on Fantasy grounds and I didn't know about Forge
    Added the Small ship deck to my inventory, plans to use it next week.

    Looking forward for the Subsidised Merchant

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    Can't find the new Small Craft deckplans in FG. Should it be visible as a extension?
    I have updated and looked in extensions, library/modules, images and spacecrafts but can't find anything for the new Small Craft deckplans.

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    Its installed to the vault so I don't think? it shows up in your typical modules folder. You should be able to see it in Images under catagory "CRW Deckplans". The Forge is really new. (couple weeks old) which is probably why you hadn't heard of it. If its not updating there may be something wrong with the distribution. If that's the case, you could ask on the support forum for "House of Healing - Forge". They're been very responsive as usual. Sorry things aren't working! Let me know what it tuned out to be if you can.

    Make sure your using Prod FGU and not Test channel? Just guessing from reading some of the support forums. Your probably better off in their hands.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pharoid View Post
    Its installed to the vault so I don't think it shows up in your typical modules folder. You should be able to see it in Images under catagory "CRW Deckplans".
    yes missed on page 4

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boldtaar View Post
    1+ year on Fantasy grounds and I didn't know about Forge
    It's relatively new (i.e. within the last month or so).
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    They showed up in the modules that I had to enable to see them.

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    Subsidised Merchant and Empress Marava all done. Next up: Gotta figure out what 50 tons of black globe generator looks like. Then model it and render.

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    Serpent class scout

    Since we have one in our current campaign I did a serpent class scout. One of my favorites. I posted it on the forge but it can take some time for it to get approved. I'll post it to live once it does.

    serpent art1.jpg

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