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    The link takes me to your profile, is there a way to purchase or download these files from there?

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    I have thought about making some single missiles and salvo tokens or images and maybe sand. What space battle map are you using? Would just a regular single square token work on it? There are a few space battle maps floating around.

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    Might finish my starport pad this weekend. Here's a WIP shot.WIP capture 3.jpg

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    I'm using this, without a grid, so we can just move the ships and tokens around in the range bands freely. Need to be pretty unrestrained right now, since the space combat tracker is not really fully automated at the moment
    I am realizing that I will need to create dummy ship registries for the sand and missiles, in order to put them on the combat tracker, since there not really any other way to get a token onto a map that I've been able to figure out. hmmmmm *thinking face*

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