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    New FGU Art Pack Subscription available

    We are happy to announce the release of a new initiative - the FGU Art Pack Subscription. For $5/month, you get access to everything in the art pack. Over time, we will continue to add more and more products into the art pack. You maintain access to the product for as long as your subscription remains active.

    Every product we add to the sub will be available for purchase separately for those who don't like subscriptions. For those of you who have already bought everything Joshua has created for us so far, your value won't start to show up until we release several more items.

    Read more about it here:

    Art Pack Contents: (As of 11 May 21)

    • Fantasy Grounds 2019 Art Pack
    • Abyss Art Pack
    • Coastlines Art Pack
    • Crests Art Pack
    • Regional Map Pack
    • Town Art Pack
    • Underground Map Pack
    • Forest Map Pack
    • Fundamental Fantasy Map Pack
    • Fundamental Fantasy Map Pack II
    • Mountain Top Castle Map Pack
    • Underground
    • Mountains Map Pack
    • Old World Regional Map Pack
    • Jungle Map Pack
    • Interior Map pack 1
    • Interior Map Pack 2
    • Scifi Interiors Pack
    • Spaceship Art Pack
    • Goblin Camp Art Pack
    • Spell Templates
    • Town And City Scapes Art Pack
    • Town Art Pack
    • Underwater Map Pack


    • Gothic Theme
    • Futuristic Theme
    • Wizards Desk Theme
    • Industrial Theme
    • Modern Theme
    • Western Theme
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    How soon do we expect there to be more packs added to the sub? Josh has mentioned it a few times that more art is coming.


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    We have some ready and will add 1 Pack next week.

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    I'd love to see a tutorial video or two of how to use this content, made from the assumption that the viewer has absolutely no prior experience or knowledge of map making programs in general and/or the specific FGU functionality in question.
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    There are two that I'm aware of, and Josh has said he's working on shorter ones for each "feature". The two I referred to are:
    Josh's full demo at GenCon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kakTSGWBrI&t=2280s
    Josh using the 2019 Art pack to build a regional map: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wdu5nVi9F_M&t=1601s


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    Can we hope to have some price reduction for a one year subscription ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Egheal View Post
    Can we hope to have some price reduction for a one year subscription ?
    Sure. I added an annual option that saves $10.

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    Thanks !

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    I like the idea of having a constantly growing bunch of assets, and the subscription model works well for that. I have a similar subscription with Syrisncape for sounds. The main concern is losing access to all of the assets once a subscription is ended of course.

    One thing I particularly like about the Syrisncape subscription model is that you will retain access to any content that is released while you have an active subscription, even if your subscription ends. So say I am a subscriber for 2 years, and during that time 10 new soundpacks are released. Even after my subscription ends, I retain access to those 10 packs, nothing released before my subscription went active, and nothing released after it ended. This method really works for me as I get access to everything while the sub is active, and know that I will retain access to at least some of it when the sub is cancelled, and helps the company as they get the revenue stream from the subscription model.

    Perhaps something like this could be considered for the art packs.

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    yes, i find somewhat reassuring to know that i'll keep something if i suddenly can't afford to continue the monthly subscription. The syrinscape model is great in this regard.

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