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    Map Grid Lines are not displayed correctly.

    SFRPG ruleset (v2021-08-10) for Fantasy Grounds
    Copyright 2004-2021 Smiteworks USA, LLC
    Core RPG ruleset (v2021-07-06) for Fantasy Grounds
    Copyright 2021 Smiteworks USA, LLC
    FG [TEST] 4.1.5

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    I drug a background image from the sci-fi art park and dropped it into the Images window to create a new image.
    I clicked the grid icon and made the grid visible.
    When the map grid lines appeared some lines are not visible depending on how the map is zoomed.
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    This can happen when zoomed out very far on the grid. Basically, the zoom ratio creates a situation where the grid lines are smaller than a pixel, so they start to drop out. This is expected at this point. The only possible solution would be to remove grid drawing completely at very low zoom levels.


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    Does the grid use bilinear resampling? Would other interpolation methods improve results away from this rather typical pattern? And would those be feasible within CPU restrictions?

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    I tried around a bit and it seems that even a fast resampling filter could improve this in a meaningful way.

    This is IrfanView's "resize fast" without resampling filter at 10% of original resolution, quite similar to FGU:

    This is IrfanView's "fast resampling" filter at the same 10% of original resolution:

    Filters help.
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