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    Secondary Crits.

    Hey All,
    Trying to get a staff of flame to apply a secondary heat critical of one severity less. We've got the staff set up, Heat as secondary, -1 in the severity box.
    Nothing comes up in combat.
    Are we doing something wrong or is this unsupported at this time?
    We are running RMC vanilla no mods.

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    I just did a quick test, and it seems to be working for me.

    Can you perhaps provide steps you are using?

    Here is what I did:

    Create an item (copied a long sword), and add an additional Crit (Heat -1):

    Give the item to a character and make sure it is assigned on the Combat Tab with a skill (weapon 1 with 5 ranks):

    Add the character to the CT.

    Add an orc from NPCs to the CT

    Target the Orc from the PC, roll an attack (I started a second instance to test this, but it works from the GM side as well).

    On the GM Screen Resolve the hit in the Table Resolver

    Once that is done, right click on the result and choose the Crit, first is the B crit

    Then right click again and choose Additional Critical (the mouse over text says additional A Heat Critical):

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    Although I didn't ask the question, thanks for the step-by-step run through I wondered how the secondary crit worked!

    Thanks - Rainbird

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    So simple. Thanks Sulimo!

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