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    FTCopyPaste - Support

    Hello everyone,

    I've added an extension to forge that allows copy and paste between formattedtextcontrols with the formatting preserved.

    Available at:

    By default the tool copies the entire source formattedtextcontrol and appends the data at the end of the destination formattedtextcontrol. All of this is hot key triggered. The focus must be in the source when you copy and in the destination when you paste.

    Due to the lack of selection support for formattedtextcontrol you can do subsections but it requires the use of some marker text to accomplish. I happen to use:

    #FTS# - start position
    #FTE# - end position
    #FTI# - insert position (if you want it somewhere other than the end of the destination formattedtextcontrol


    • Changed: Moved the configuration of FTCopyPaste to the options menu under Ma's Tools.

    • Fix: Focus unable to be found in certain cases.

    • Initial release
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    Confirmed compatible with TEST channel ruleset changes.
    Confirmed compatible with v4.1.9
    Confirmed compatible with v4.1.5
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    Hah! Very good.
    I do something like that in MoreCore and Player Agency but I never thought of using it for this purpose.

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    From you I take that as a great complement. Thank you.

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