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Thread: Forge Updates

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    Wasn't what was discussed was that DMG would need to share customer details? Neither of the suggestions above would mean they would have to do that.
    As you say, devs are not going to want to gift separately to hundreds or thousands of users.

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    Depending upon the type of account the person has with the DMsGuild, they may not have access to a list of people who bought their products there. And OBS will not give SW such a list (privacy etc). So, in many/most cases their is no way for anyone to know who the actual purchasers from the Guild are. Therefore their is no way to bulk convert or gift items. I'm not even sure their is a good way to validate you are a purchaser on a one-by one basis (even though I can think of 2 possibilities for such).

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    New Release, just in time for end of the year sales!

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    New Release!

    Release: January 10, 2022

    Release Notes:
    • Feature: Added the ability for crafters to export their item transactions
    • Fix: Visitors can now view the shop again without errors
    • Fix: Royalty Crafters are now required to be valid sellers to be added to items. If you are a royalty crafter (You assisted in an item but did not upload it yourself) please check your seller info is correct for future payouts.

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    New Release

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    This latest update for transaction info is wonderful.


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    New update. Forge Rulesets are now available in the list of product categories, so if you have extensions for a Forge Ruleset, you can now categorize them as such!

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    New Update for the forge. Crafters can now maintain order of their items on their profile page, along with a couple of small fixes. If there are any more issues with the Sales Times, please let me know through a message here or at Joshua U on Discord.

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    New update on the main FG Store. I added a section title "New from the FG Forge" to the bottom of the main store page. It will show the 6 most recent items added to the FG Forge. To prevent one crafter's items from crowding out all other crafters, I limit it to 1 item per crafter. If you have multiple items within the last week, only the most recently added item will show up for your crafter ID.

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