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    [Wishlist] Shiver RPG Ruleset


    I would really love to have a fully implemented Shiver RPG ruleset in FGU. Is there an easy way I can do it, as the game has so many custom rules to it. The doom clock is a problem, as well as the custom dice and so on. I know there is an online roller, but it would be nice to have all of it in plain view for my players at the VTT.


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    "Fully", "Easy"? Depending upon what those relative terms mean to you, No.

    What you can do easily is to create a Character Sheet in CoreRPG or the community MoreCore rulesets. These character sheets are not graphically similar to a character sheet the game produces, but rather a crudely organized set of fields, dice roles, and values. See:

    More effort than that is to create a custom theme for your chosen ruleset so that the theme/skin is more like you would like. See;

    More effort than that is to create an extension or full ruleset. Extensions would allow you to add automation as well as everything a theme can do, but is dependent upon the parent ruleset and updates (and may break) when it is updated. Or you can create a full ruleset, either as a child or another ruleset (CoreRPG is suggested) or completely stand-alone. One resource for doing so is;

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