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    Help with importing a character?

    Hey yall, pretty new to 4e but am not new to fantasy grounds unity. I have a character on the D&D 4e character builder, and wanted to import it to fantasy grounds. I tried doing it manually but really have no idea what I'm doing. Could someone help me either find a way to automate the import, or send a video or something explaining how to do it manually? I cant find any export options on the character builder to make it an xml like I know you could do in 5e. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

    EDIT: ****
    I found out how to do it! I will dedicate the rest of this post for helping those like me.

    Basically, you need to install FG Classic, because there was a character converter in the files there.

    FG classic can be found here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/filel...WebInstall.exe

    Next you will need to find FG Char converter (it cand be found in your "...\AppData\Roaming\Fantasy Grounds\utilities" directory, but you should be able to just look it up in the start menu)

    You then select the character you saved from the character builder (*.dnd4e) and click the XML output, setting an output location to tell it where to spit it out, hitting "convert" to output it,

    After that is done, you can open up fantasy grounds unity, and in the characters screen, click import character (the blue arrow facing up), then you click on the import character file button,

    Then you will go find where you dumped that xml, select it, and FGU will import it.

    If anyone needs any help with this process, hit me up and i will help!

    EDIT 2: *****
    yeah so the converter doesnt work the best actually. the powers and skills don't transfer over even though I have modules for those. If anyone has a better solution, please let me know
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    Doe the import properly get skills and powers? That is where Im strugggling with.
    Daniel Salles de Araújo

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    sorry for late reply, sadly it doesnt. You need to re-add all of those yourself.

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