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    Super basic question on map sharing

    So I am new to FG and running different adventure paths. I am loading the story and open the GM map and the encounter. I can see it just fine. How do I share the map with the players? It doesnít give me the option to share when I right click on the image. Iím sure itís something simple, but I canít figure it out.

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    You can share any image by right-clicking on it, which will bring up a radial menu. Next, click on the icon at the 9 o'clock position that has a square and a human silhouette and two arrows pointing clockwise. In the next menu you will have two options. One will be the same icon at the 9 o'clock position to share the image and the other will be at the 6 o'clock position to unshare the image.

    You also have the ability to share images with individual players by clicking on the red dragon icon (icon can change depending on theme) and dragging it to individual players.

    All images/maps that you share will show each players icon in the bottom left corner that it is shared with.

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    You may have set the map to the background and you can't share an image if you have it set to the background (the icons for sharing don't appear in the right click menu). So make sure that you haven't done that (click the arrows on the top right of the image to bring it back from the background).

    And welcome to FG
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    Yep. That was it thank you very much.

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