Summary: issues with Ripples of Carcosa scenarios

Ruleset(s): CoC7E

Extensions/Themes: none

Modules Loaded: Call of Cthulhu 7e, Heir to Carcosa and Adeventus Regis

Operating System / Language Setting: Linux/English

Steps to Reproduce: start a campaign and load Heir to Carcosa or Adventis Regis

I'm seeing issues in the Heir to Carcosa and Adventis Regis campaigns

Heir to Carcosa: text on 6.02 appears garbled...
There is enough ammunition for each weapon to be fully loaded. There are also three police radios. creatures investigators following Hello, turned How ever, vehi cle allow the investigators to obtain the following dios.

Also, in Adevntus Regis, many of the armor entries for the pregens don't work. The ones with "/" or "*" don't work (armor never kicks in). I'm not sure how the shield is supposed to work at negating damage.

Beside these issues, they're amazing scenarios by the way.