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    "Pulp Cthulhu" book; Chapter 8, "The 1930s"
    * "1930's Slang table" -- The "P" in "Wheat P" needs to be moved to the beginning of the definition (currently "erson unused to city ways").
    * "The New Deal" section: "wideranging powers" should be "wide-ranging powers" in the blurb about the National Recovery Agency.
    * "Alphabet Soup" section: in the "PWA and WPA" section, "infr astr ucture" -> "infrastructure"
    * "Prohibition and Appeal": "twothirds" -> "two thirds"
    * "Famous Criminals": "fiftyninth" -> "fifty-ninth" in the section on "Machine Gun" Kelly
    * "Famous Criminals": "gunned-down" should probably be "gunned down' in the section on "Pretty Boy" Floyd
    * "Famous Criminals": at the end of the section, the bit
    Enemies" was used to demonize
    should be preceded by
    "Public "
    at a minimum. Maybe there's more missing -- perhaps in the original there's something separating it from the end of the section on Barker and sons; I don't have a hardcopy or Chaosium PDF to compare.
    * The Lindbergh Baby: "fifty-thousanddollar ransom" -> something between thousand and dollar. I would be inclined to think "-" would be grammatically correct, but don't have an original to check to see what was actually used.
    * Daily Life/Unemployment: "onequarter" -> "one-quarter" in the first paragraph
    * Daily Life/Unemployment: "deepseated" -> "deep-seated" in the last paragraph
    * Entertainment/Radio: "Amos ?n Andy" -> "Amos 'n' Andy"
    * Entertainment/Film: hm, "twocolor" and "threecolor" should probably be "two-color" and "three-color"
    * Entertainment/Literature: suspect that
    call the pulps "literature," (at least
    should be
    call the pulps "literature", (at least
    but not certain on that.
    * Another Night in Arkham/paragraph 9 (Viper): "thousanddollar smile" -> "thousand-dollar smile". Also, the entire entry appears twice in a row.

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    "Pulp Cthulhu", Chapter 9 / NPC Pulp Talents: section is duplicated.

    "Pulp Cthulhu" / "Reference / Weapon Lists":
    * "Submachine Guns ( )" and "Machine Guns ( )" table titles should probably be "Submachine Guns (i)" and "Machine Guns (i)" for Impale.
    * Submachine guns are listed as using "Firearms (shotgun)" rather than "Firearms (SMG)".
    * Submachine guns that say "or Full auto" -> "or full auto"
    * Machine guns: "Cost 20s/Modern" -> "Cost 30s"
    * Explosives, Heavy Weapons, Misc: the price for the 75mm Field Gun needs checking ("$1500/-" is the 20s/Modern cost; the 30s cost should have only a single value)

    Going to assume that the separate "Firearms (Rifle)" and "Firearms (Shotgun)" skill listings are like that in the original despite an unused "(R/S)" showing up in the acronyms list for "Rifle/Shotgun" and them being one skill, because the Keeper Rulebook (8th printing anyway) is also silly in this specific way. It's Chaosium's mistake, not that of the FG conversion.

    Re: the "Key" section following the weapon list tables,
    Don't know if the "Cost" definition is also off in the Chaosium text itself. The description here indicates "Split by 1920s / modern era" which is appropriate for Keepers / Investigator books, but not for a book in which the costs are all singular costs specific to the 1930s (apart from the 75mm artillery mentioned above, which is -- the 1920s / modern" cost for some reason).

    For similar reasons, suspicious of the "Common in Era" entry existing; and "Stun" (unused here -- no Mace spray, no Taser).

    The entries for "Claymore Mine", "Mace spray": these are for items not in the tables (Modern era only).

    "References and Inspiration" chapter
    * somewhat odd that "www.airships.net" is unique in that it's just the domain name, no mention of a web site name
    * B. Schoedesack should not be separate, but instead a continuation of the King Kong entry (as in "Ernest B. Schoedsack")

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    "Hunting Horror" NPC sheet:

    Spells. Roll D100. If the result is less than the monster's INT, it knows a number of spells equal to the D100 roll.

    in the top section (after Armor).

    In the Notes section, it gives the correct guidance for Spells (i.e. matching print version of the Keeper's Guide) --
    "Spells: Hunting horrors have a 25% chance of knowing 2D10 spells."

    It also does not have a Dodge value specified, although the Keeper's Manual explicitly gives 35/17/7. While the manual does not appear to explicitly specify, I think the intent is for the listed Dodge values to be used instead of one computed from half DEX -- e.g. Insects from Shaggai have a much higher Dodge than average DEX/2 (77% vs 40), while Lions have a much worse Dodge than average DEX/2 (25% vs 47) as do Snakes (25% vs 32). This is questionable -- perhaps the computed versions should be used when the discrepancy from print would be within a couple of points (*most* monster stat blocks are), with fixed versions used for larger deviations.

    (Edit: Checked snakes, lions, insects. Guess this is probably what is currently being done with the sheet. Sounds good to me.)

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    The Derelict

    Story 2.3.3 Medical Room

    "Can examination area" -> "An examination area"
    "more series injuries" -> "more serious injuries"

    Story 2.5.0 Superstructure: Level 4 (Senior Officers' Quarters)

    "level three contains the captain's cabin..." presumably should start with "level four".

    There are a couple of instances of ".?" where they should probably just be "." -- specifically, at the end of Story 1.0.1 and the end of Story 1.3.

    There is also such a .? at the end of the skills list in the NPC sheet for the Captain's Mate.

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    In The Haunting 7E module, there are unknown characters throughout the module that need to be replaced for FGU. For example, the following characters should probably be an em dash:
    • Reference Manual > The Boston Globe: in the Keeper's Note section "...people they could meetXthe desk clerk..."
    • Reference Manual > The Central Library: in the text of Handout 4
    • Story 2.1 The Boston Globe
    • Story 2.2 The Central Library

    There are more scattered throughout the Reference Manual and Story entries.

    Some apostrophes may also need updating, e.g. in Handout 7 in Reference Manual > Hall of Records.
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    I'm having an issue with one of the player maps in the module "The Haunting 7E". The map is titled "The Corbitt House Plan (Players)" and the asset name is "the-house-player.jpg". The map appears blank to me, and when I try to load it, I get the following console error:

    [11/27/2022 8:56:08 AM] [ERROR] Graphic: Unable to load file (modules/CHA23131COC7E/the-house-player.jpg) (*)

    That is a weird error to get since the image file should be in vault/CHACOC7EFGTH.dat

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    That's odd, since I'm not seeing any data that refers to "23131" in the module data.

    Can you try right clicking on the image in the campaign Images list, and selecting the Revert option?


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    That fixed it. Sorry for the false alarm. I also noticed that several of my images had the "Edited" icon next to them, so I went through and reverted them all since I did not actually modify them. This particular campaign was created back in 2020 so maybe something weird happened during an upgrade somewhere along the way. Anyhow, thank you for your help.

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    No worries. Also, you can Revert the whole module in a campaign my opening the Modules window, right clicking on the module cover/title, and selecting Revert there.


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