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    Our pathfinder Effects wiki.


    Can we have a direct link to our pathfinder effects wiki here in our sub forum? I can almost never find it by going to the top and searching the help near 'search site'. Ive bookmarked it in my browser as well.

    Next will the wiki list all the effects which can be used in the unity engine for Pathfinder 2e? It gives examples but not all of them are there. Are all the effects which work all the ones listed in our core rulebook (and monster books)?

    I am just striving to be a better dm and not having to go to discord during a session and bothering folks. Its amazing as much as I prep for what I think are upcoming encounters the players always manage to do stuff completely at right angles. I adapt and we all have a very good time.

    Hats off to both you and Shade for making videos on teaching how to create automation for the player and how to write up monster automation. Shades video on the cobra were invaluable.

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    The best way to get to the effects Wiki is click the ? at the top right of the campaign conditions/effects page within FG.

    Yes, the wiki is kept up to date.

    Quote Originally Posted by Larsenex View Post
    Are all the effects which work all the ones listed in our core rulebook (and monster books)?
    I'm not sure what you mean by this.
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