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    Map controls keep freezing when setting up effects and ambient light sources

    Hi guys,

    I notice frequent freezes during adding light and other effects to my maps.
    It will make it so that you are unable to open any of the images highlighted in the screenshot.

    First I thought this might be related to that, I was making them on a mac and Unity was using heavy resources, though recently I've moved over to a windows pc at the issue still persisted.

    I feel like the only way to unfreeze my controls on the map is to close it entirely and re-open it again.
    I'm still able to move to other areas of the control panel, like click to go to walls, though the controls for ambient light sources and fx effects remain frozen.

    Do any other players experience similar issues as I've described here?

    Thank you

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    I must have jinxed it or something cause it has gone away now for the most

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    If you run into this again and it happens consistently, please provide a zipped up copy of campaign with exact steps to see the issue in action after loading the campaign.


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