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    LFP - 1 player needed for a Saturday PF2 campaign thatís 2 sessions in.


    Trying to pin down a regular group, but with life getting in the way, I now have a spot for 1 player to join a PF2 campaign. We are only 2 sessions in to the Adventure Path Abomination Vaults, and all characters are still level 1.

    Would suite someone from Europe, as it’s Saturdays, 15:00 UTC, and sessions lasts about 3 hours. We try to play every week, subject to availability. There will be 5 players, so if 1 can’t make it, we can still play.

    I’m new to DM’ing PF2, but have played a bit. Group are finding their way, and being at the beginning, hopefully any new blood will fit in well. Any Class and Ancestry from released modules are good.

    Either reply to me here in the thread or a DM is fine.
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    Looking for a regular group.


    I would be very interested in joining your group on Saturdays. I am experienced in using fantasy grounds and have role-played for a number of years, but have not played on a regular basis.


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    Hello, I would be interested in joining your Saturday group. I'm experienced with FGU, and with PF2e.

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    Sorry for not getting back sooner, but the slot has been filled.

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