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    [LFG] [Paid] professional DM with a few spaces left


    I have a few openings remaining in a few games currently ongoing! Time of the Frostmaiden, Curse of strahd and candlekeep mysteries!

    Sessions costs £10 per session or £30 for 4 session!

    We use FG as our VTT and discord for voice chat!

    New players more than welcome!

    Iím a helpful guy looking to make sure you all have a great time adventuring around the ice wind dales!

    If this sounds like something youíre interested in then message me here or discord @ RedPanda3946#7426 ✌🏻 Happy adventuring!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidSt75 View Post
    of much is that in USD ??
    Google says itís $13,62 per session or $40.87 hope that helps anything else feel free to ask away

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