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    LFP - Land of Dread, Curse of Strahd

    Land of Dread, a Curse of Strahd Game

    FG License: GM has Ultimate, players can use any version - including Free

    VTT Version: FGU (Fantasy Grounds Unity)

    Number of Players Sought: 4 to 6 (have 4)

    Time Zone: Eastern Time USA

    Day of week and time: Thursday’s at 7:00pm

    Planned Game Start and Frequency: Session 0 on 8-12-21, Session 1 on 8-19-21. The game would be weekly. Each session will be about 3 hours.

    Term: I’m thinking it could last 15 to 25 sessions, but that could change depending on the player’s decisions.

    Communications: You will need a working microphone and speakers (or a headset with a microphone), as voice communication is required if you want to play. We will use Discord.

    Will This Game Be Streamed? No.

    Will Audio Be Recorded? No

    Combat/Exploration/Roleplay Mix: (40/30/30): This will depend on the players. But I tend to lean towards combat.

    Character Starting Level: 5th level

    DM Note: The players will start in Waterdeep and they will already know one another and be a party.
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    I am interested in playing. Have a done a mix of playing and DM'ing in 4E, 5E and Pathfinder 1. I was thinking something like a Hexblade Warlock (in service to the Raven Queen of course) or Oath of Devotion or Vengeance Paladin (maybe dual class that combo if we get high enough level) though I'm also open to playing something else. The darker mystery of Ravenloft has always interested me and I've DM'd a small bit of the original Curse of Strahd though that's been a while ago.

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    I would be interested in playing, I've been playing dnd since 1996 and have experience in 2nd, 3/3.5, and I currently play and dm in 5th edition sessions

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    Hello, I am interested in this game. I’d like to play either a Wizard or Paladin but open to play anything that would be needed.

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