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    Will the "Options" Wiki Unity Sends you to Be updated?

    Hope everyone is doing ok this evening (well its evening here in the NE USA anyway) . I have three questions to ask but nothing "deep".

    Picture you log into your copy of Unity, pick a 5e game you have or just make a new game with the 5e ruleset. Click the "options gear" where you can set Token (GM) and other options...that's what I'm talking about here with these questions. 1 question is nit picking, 2 are more honest questions.


    First let's get the nitpicky question done...
    1 - Why is there no useful tool tip when you mouse over the options? It just says something about dragging and pinning it to your action tab (I forgot the exact text)?

    My actual questions I had in mind for this post...

    2 - FGC has/had a highly useful wiki that outlined all the options and defined exactly what they did -- I liked that information being so easy to find a great deal. When you click the "?" button from within Fantasy Grounds Unity 4.1 -- I found it odd it takes you to the same FGC v 3.13 wiki. Are there plans to update that to be relevant with Unity 4.1?

    3 - Where's the best place to learn the "official" function/meaning of what the options do? (I know most are unchanged from FGC, but there are a couple options that FGC didn't have...they aren't in that wiki)


    Happy gaming.

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    I suspect that the query icon takes you to the generic options part of the wiki which details general options that are available in any core based ruleset. The only fully fleshed out one is the 5e one (I think) here https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassia...mpaign+Options

    There are a couple of new options not on that list and one day they’ll get added.
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    Mytherus, I've made a task to go back and check the current wiki pages against what the latest Options menu is and add anything missing. Within the wiki pages for most rulesets, there should be a page explaining what the Options do. If you find some are missing, feel free to let me know here and I'll look into getting them added.
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