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    Transfered game from fgc to fgu and get load error

    Changed all of my fgc games to fgu and experienced a pause at load one with one of those games out of the 4 games i transfered only one is not working here are the logs.
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    It looks like the XML is technically invalid for that campaign, such as a symbol used in the XML. While FGC used an older, more lax library; FGU uses the latest libraries for XML which are stricter. For most situations, this won't have an impact; but there have been some extensions that wrote invalid characters in the past, and FGC didn't prevent them.

    Can you post the db.xml for that campaign? It might be a quick search and replace.


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    here it is added campaign to see if that would help
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    Looking at the database, I didn't see any issues jump out at me from a high level. Also, re-reading the error message, it looks like a problem with an extension named "40K Flamer Pointer"; not with the campaign data.

    * What exactly is the problem with the campaign, when you say it is not working?
    * Can you provide a zipped up copy of the campaign for us to try loading?


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    yeah that particular extension has not worked in forever but has not intererfered with dnd or 40k games .

    The problem is when i go to load this particular campaign is during the loading process it hangs and freezes at the line:

    MEASURE: LOAD - PART 1 - 19.2785797

    as for the campaign i can hand to you in zip form but apparently the file is too big to post on forums is there somewhere i can post it for you to get?
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    If you post on DropBox or Google Drive, and set Sharing option to Anyone with Link; then you can post the link here or in PM.


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    It looks like the issue is a problem in the graphics file format for one of the portraits uploaded for the campaign. I opened in Paint, and re-saved as JPG; then it works.

    You'll need to rename the attached file to "id-00015" (no file extension), and replace the one in the campaign "portraits" directory.

    I'm looking at capturing the issue with a better error in a future version.

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    And it works thank you very much i would never had guess it was a portrait pausing the loadtime.

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    It was buried inside one of the log files in a place we don't usually need to look. Once I found the error, I knew it was a portrait, and guessed it was the biggest one.


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