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    Quote Originally Posted by Beerbelly View Post
    I would love to see an automatic ammo tracker for Deadlands. A way to have a list in your inventory or in your combat that shows how many bullets you have in your possesion and that it auto deducts from when you fire. I know a lot of people have balked at this for some reason, but tedious tracking like that sucks and it's what I would like to see.
    Note, this is a wish only for the forge. i.e. what enhancements can be made to make the forge itself more useful/valuable.

    Enhancement requests for things like this would probably best be made in the ruleset sub-forum (i.e. Savage Worlds right?);

    But they might also be ok made in the Idea Informer, though this is mostly for core FGU capabilities;

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    Quote Originally Posted by damned View Post
    Add in two columns in the Manage Craft view - total transactions and transactions this quarter.
    On the 'items' page?

    I reckon the Forge developers should just copy the Sales Reports section from DriveThruRPG and replace the 'translations' page with it.

    It is nice to see each individual transaction, but in the overall scheme of things, not much use. All your really after is how many of each item has sold for the quarter, and the gross totals. Having a chart similar to the 'Sales Report' for 'Month to Date' similar to that in the DriveThruRPG system would be fantastic.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zarestia View Post
    I don't think I've read it anywhere so here goes:

    I wish there would be a possibility to visit the Forge like the store while not being logged in.
    Yes I agree, I think not being able to browse the forge when not logged in will be losing a bunch of casual browsers.

    On a side tangent, the designer in me would love to see the forge index page turned into a landing page with a header graphic promoting a new product, or perhaps something us developers could 'bid' for to have a banner in rotation much like DriveThruRPG's featured product message area. With bid points gained from sales.

    Tell you what, just copy a bunch of functions from DriveThruRPG. LOLz
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