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    Quote Originally Posted by EOTB View Post
    If you figure out you need to split something into player/GM, can you copy the campaign and delete the parts in each that don't apply, and still the two resulting books work together?.
    You can do that. If you have links between the two you'd need to create the main module first, then re-do the links in the second module making campaign so that they point to the main module, and vice versa. It can get a little complex if you're not 100% aware of where the links go. So you may want to restrict the links between the two modules and just keep links to the current module only - which is pretty much best practice - i.e. only link within the same module.
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    OK, that gives me the info I need to know. If I'd been thinking ahead I would have done the last half in a new campaign where I'd already exported the first half, and just activated that module into the "back-half" campaign to use for links. Unfortunately, I didn't do that, and redoing the links is redoing many, many links (and introducing new chances of glitching the redo). Maybe in a while when I've recharged my batteries I can reconstruct the back half in that manner. I appreciate the explanation!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trenloe View Post
    It's best to have one module development campaign for each module you want to create. If you're running an adventure and you want to have a player module and a GM module for that adventure then create two module making campaigns - one for the player module and one for the GM module. This makes adding, editing, maintaining and exporting an updated module quicker and keeps all data for one module in that one campaign.

    Sure, you have to switch between campaigns to create the player and GM modules, but this is a small price to pay for the gains in efficiency and reduction in errors of using a campaign per module.
    Hi, i understand, to an extent, splitting source material in to DM/player, but could you explain or give an example of why you would want to do that regarding an adventure?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lousilver View Post
    Hi, i understand, to an extent, splitting source material in to DM/player, but could you explain or give an example of why you would want to do that regarding an adventure?
    For an adventure there would be no need for a split unless you are including player facing material such as new backgrounds, classes, races, spells etc. When we are saying split into modules we are talking mainly about reference material, NPCs, and other DM only related stuff and the aforementioned list of player related material.
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