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    LFP: 2-3 Players For WD:DH Remix; 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT Every Two Weeks—Starting 8/7/21

    Greetings: We’re looking for 2-3 players to join an ongoing Waterdeep: Dragon Heist campaign. We’re about at the mid-point in the adventure, and the remainder is significantly remixed / homebrewed. We recently lost players due to changed life conditions (new baby, new job, etc.). If, after reading the below, you’re interested, please hit me up by DM, rather than replying to the thread.

    About my group: We are professionals in our mid-40s who picked up the game during the pandemic lockdown and got hooked. Our style is more Colville than Mercer, but we appreciate all types of RP. The game is a mix of combat and social encounters. There is less exploration than in a module like Tomb of A because the campaign takes place in a well-defined city. We respect player agency and avoid railroading, but it’s not a sandbox. We believe there’s a social contract between the players and the DM, which means there are meaningful choices within limits (e.g., you can go in one of five directions, but the expectation is that you will not leave Waterdeep to head to Baldur’s Gate). We value creative and collaborative play.

    Prior Experience With WD-DH: This campaign is playable by those who have played or DM’d WD-DH as written. The remainder of the adventure is a remix. I call this remixed campaign “Waterdeep: Even The Just May Sin” after the proverb “Even the just may sin with an open chest of gold before them.” If you know the book, there will be surprising scenarios.

    FG License: I have an Ultimate license and all, or virtually all, core products, including Tasha’s.

    Time: We play on Saturday evenings (8 pm ET; 5 pm PT). We’re planning to have our next session on Saturday, August 7, and every two weeks thereafter, but are willing to accommodate reasonable scheduling changes (e.g., pushing a week) to facilitate play.

    Term: I estimate there are about 6 sessions left in the campaign, but we’re willing to forge ahead with a new campaign afterwards if there is interest.

    Voice: We use Discord.

    Experience: We are relatively inexperienced players and welcome both newcomers and experienced players alike. We respect RAW, but err on the side of the Rule of Cool rather than rules lawyering.

    Character Type: We have a tank cleric, and are otherwise flexible on character type. We have a preference against using Unearthed Arcana, but would consider it.


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    So when you say every two weeks, do you mean every other week or is it like the 1st and 2nd week of each month? I will have to check with my home supervisor (aka the wife) about picking up another game. I assume your games run for about 4hrs a night.
    And to let you know I have played this adventure twice before, Summer and Winter. But I can play dumb and not ruin the surprises.

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    I mean every other week--one week on, one week off--but the existing players would be ok with every third week, if that is preferable to the table. The sessions are closer to 3+ than a full four hours.

    Players who know WD-DH are welcome. You would know some important things, for sure, but I think there is enough customization to surprise anyone familiar with the module.

    Feel free to message me if you'd like to discuss further (pending approval from the home supervisor, of course).

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    I would be interested in playing, I've been playing dnd since 1996 and have experience in 2nd, 3/3.5, and I currently play and dm in 5th edition sessions

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