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    Extension: GURPS 3E skill costs

    Hi folks!

    I really appreciated ronnke's work on automatic skill and spell levels in the character sheet. Unfortunately, me and my party still like to play 3E, which treats skill costs very differently thus forcing us having to tweak the system to adjust costs and include half-point skills. To solve this problem, I wrote an extension that replaces those calculations with others which comply to 3E and I want to share it with the rest of the community: I know there are probably not so many people out there playing 3E but you never know, it might be useful to somebody someday!

    It's my very first extension and I had never programmed in Lua until a couple hours ago so any feedback and/or suggestions are appreciated. I have done a few basic playtests but let me know if I missed out on something.

    Have a great day!


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    Sweet! I will check this out when I can after I get off work.

    However, the problem is that 3e is a wholly different animal than 4e so you're only tweaking the skills and using 4e rules elsewhere. A complete overhaul, which I plan on doing, of 4e by Ronnke into a 3e .pak would eliminate many of the 4e rules. For instance, 3e with HP/FP is ST gives FP while HT gives HP. In 4e, HT gives you FP and HP.

    I will look into your extension and see what you did with it. If I am able to do an overhaul of Ronnke's 4e into 3e and use your extensions, both of you will be credited.

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    Quote Originally Posted by t3xx3r View Post
    ... In 4e, HT gives you FP and HP. ...
    In 4e ST gives you HP.

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