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    When you start FG each day, there is a dated backup of the campaign database created in the campaign folder using the data from the start of the session that day.

    You can restore your campaign to one of these backups by following these steps:


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    Thanks guy's for the quick support i hope that something can be done with the layer handeling someday in the future so they are not to easily moved around insted of selected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sedgetone View Post
    The quality of the couple of references pages isn't great.
    Thanks and noted. I only had access to the PDF and it's hard to spot some of the characters that XML chokes on (notably the medium dash). Many of the problems you pointed out were hyphenation and yes they were easy to search for. For what it's worth I use VSCode for the editing.

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    Any news on when some of these flagged issues, especially the TODOs are going to get resolved?

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