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    I noticed the new update to the 3.5E now prevents negative skill points, Yay! However, I did encounter an issue with the skill points being added at 1st level. The starting skill points do not get multiplied by 4 if they are below the maximum value. Below is some code I made as an example which gives the correct number of skill points for first level if below the max.

    local nAddPoints = math.max(nSkillPoints + nAbilitySkillPoints, 1);

    if nTotalLevel == 1 then
    nAddPoints = math.max(nSkillPoints + nAbilitySkillPoints, 4);

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    Just put a similar change into Test channel. (Targeted for release some time after new year.)


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    Error in FGU 3.5 SRD

    Improved Overrun in FG says no attack of opportunity. The actual rules don't state this see actual rule below.

    From D20 SRD:
    Prerequisites: Str 13, Power Attack.

    Benefit: When you attempt to overrun an opponent, the target may not choose to avoid you. You also gain a +4 bonus on your Strength check to knock down your opponent.

    Normal: Without this feat, the target of an overrun can choose to avoid you or to block you.

    Special: A fighter may select Improved Overrun as one of his fighter bonus feats.

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    Pushing an update to fix the summary text today.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Wizard View Post
    Pushing an update to fix the summary text today.

    Thanks, you are a model human being.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelrugem View Post
    I do not know whether I search in a wrong way, but it looks like that the 3.5E Monster manual does not list any of the true dragons Neither chromatic nor the metal ones
    Another "issue" about the 3.5E module: The new feature of adding NPCs directly from the NPC list, automatically creating a CT entry, won't work with the 3.5E SRD module since the NPC entries do not have any tokens attached and so one cannot drag&drop them on the map (the pin just creates a shortcut on the map)
    Is it possible to add generic token letters to the NPC entries, like what happens when they are added to the CT? Or alternatively, would be nice to allow editing the token slot without the need to create a copy first

    (I can understand that there may be no resources to add dragons to the SRD module. If I ever add them manually, then I can send that to you so that it can be added to the official module, if okay )

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