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    Dice Output In Chat


    is it possible to output multiple dice strings in the chat on one line?

    What I mean is, I roll 3 different dice, instead of getting a single output with the three dice listed, I would like them to display separately on the same line, but in separate boxes.

    Or is the system limited to a single box on the right for dice output?

    If that is the case, is this a core (as in hard coded) thing or can it be changed in an extension?
    Thanks In Advance,

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    Each "chat entry" can only have a single "roll" box.

    You could potentially have one line with all the details and first roll; and have no message and just rolls on remaining entries after. You would need to submit multiple chat messages to do that.


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    Thank you for that ... that is what I have been doing but it clutters the screen a little.

    It would have been nicer to list each die on the same line as the final result so a quick scan to the right gives the result you need, and if you are needed seperate information you have it to the left.

    Is this a limitation in the actual core programming of FGU? Or is it CoreRPG?
    Thanks In Advance,

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    It's part of the "chatwindow" control; and is hard-coded to translate chat "messages" into chat "entries" in the chat window list. It is completely internal; and there is no way to customize other than what is available in the chat messages.


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    Okay thanks for the information ... I will make do with what I have at this time.
    Thanks In Advance,

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