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    Well, that's disappointing. But at least all the work I did cutting and pasting the resource books for my personal use wasn't wasted. So, likely no Empire of the East or Dying Earth I would imagine.
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    That's okay then. As long as I can actually keep them in my account, no big deal. The developers ought to keep their portion of any proceeds so I don't need to take that away from them.

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    Bit of a bummer. I had 2 more DCC Lankhmar adventures in review and 3 more partially completed...

    I'll finish them but at a slower pace now...

    Gutted for Leozelig, he spent ages on the box set

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    Thanks, Jimi. I'm more disappointed that DCC Lankhmar won't be a thing on Fantasy Grounds, but at least we got to keep the extension. Your conversions were looking great btw - those might be a bigger loss than an expensive boxed set.

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