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    Smiteworks Forge

    Is the "forge" becoming a thing soon...?

    Just curious as I saw forge mentioned in the update log sequence when I updated today...

    Screenshot 2021-07-01 185906.png

    Or is this something different and I'm looking and making assumptions

    Sorry this likely should have been posted in the tavern... Just didn't want to start a fight with tables and chairs flying etc...
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    As I understand it, they're working out more stuff in the backend and it's not quite ready yet, but yes, that is the Forge we've all been waiting eagerly for.

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    I need to listen to the chit chat in the Tavern before posting really...


    Thanks for replying though

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    We are working with a several dozen crafters currently to load up some free content and testing final interfaces. We uncovered a few items during this testing that we need to address before adding in paid content and then finally releasing it for public consumption. Stay tuned.

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    Fantastic! and thanks for the really clear and open position on where SmiteWorks are on this... It is appreciated! Look forward to seeing it when it arrives in the open air...

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