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    I've used The Fall of Plaguestone to introduce 3 groups to PF2 and it is great in how it teaches the rules bit by bit.
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    Hello guys, how are you doing? I'm a 5e D&D DM and I'm looking to try out PF2. What books/modules do I need to properly play it for the first time?
    Also, how "playable" is it on FGU? On 5e dnd you kinda have to automate and do the syntax for most of the racial passives, class features etc. I assume is the same on PF2 or even more so? For example, does FGU automates flat-footed, etc? (I kinda know the flat-footed mechanic because I played Pathfinder: Kingmaker cRpg).
    Thank you.
    Go for the Core Rulebook and don't forget to use the reference library built into Fantasy Grounds. It's soooooooo much easier than searching a PDF and the core book has some...odd...organization of the rules so a physical book is way harder to dig through. Be prepared to jump around to different chapters.

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