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  • Subtier 3-4

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  • Subtier 5-6

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  • Subtier 7-8

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  • Bonus option: 3:20

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Multiple Choice Poll.
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    SFS GenCon 3-99 SAT September 18th 2 PM Eastern [6 PM UTC] Interest check

    Interest check for the GenCon SFS special in September.

    Please indicate which subtier you'd be interested in and likely would have a character for.

    Note that with the way GenCon signups usually work, there is absolutely no guarantee to get into a specific game.

    I also added a 3-20 [11-14] option (time TBD), though I'm still considering running it some time before GenCon (same as 2-24 [9-12]) as it's likely to take a bit longer.
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    SFS #3-99 TBA Tier 5-6 9/18 Block 9: 2pm-7pm EDT [6 PM UTC]

    SFS #3-20 Fleeting Truth: Everchanging Revelation (11-14) 9/19 Block 12: 9am-2pm EDT [1 PM UTC]

    Edit: If anyone has any modification suggestions, feel free to post them, though note that yesterday would have been best, as soon as possible might work, afterwards it'll become impossible.
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    "Online badges are free (tickets will not), so GMs and players should go here to register their badge: "

    "Gen Con Online event ticket registration will open on August 15th."

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