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    Maybe it's use of the term 'faction' itself? Just in case: faction (to my understanding) is only relevant to FG mechanically to permit viewing levels of detail in the combat tracker (you can see full details on allies, not non-allies) and to allow drag/dropping an entire faction onto a map with one mouse action.

    For an in-game faction, like "they belong to X guild" or "they are Y army" - those would have be notes on the NPC card / character sheet but wouldn't have a mechanical use for the software.

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    I think the confusion here is that there is a blank option for the "faction" cycler. The faction can be friendly, hostile or neutral. The tooltip showing "Faction" for an undefined entry is not indicating a fourth type, it's indicating that this is the faction field. As Moon Wizard mentions, FG makes some assumptions regarding the faction to use when an encounter is added to the CT without a faction defined - which is the same as what happens when an NPC is dragged directly to the combat tracker.

    There may also be a little bit of confusion coming from the fact that the colour of an entry in the CT with an undefined faction is different from a defined faction - giving the impression that there's a fourth type of faction type, but there isn't really - the colour just shows that the faction is undefined.

    I understand where the confusion comes from, I hope this helps to clarify the subject.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Griogre View Post
    You may not know you can use the fraction button to drag out all of the NPC/PCS of that particular faction and drop them on the map. This is most useful for dropping PCs on a new map or moving them in mass, ie teleport trap. For Foes, it's useful for random or other non set place encounters that do not have a preset positions on a map. You can add the encounter to the tracker and then drag and drop the monsters onto the map.

    The current setup is due to a request to be able to add NPC's to an encounter that are friendly or neutral, but it defaults back to foe so as not to invalidate every encounter made up to the time that change.
    I did not know this (dragging the faction button at the bottom of the Combat Tracker)! This is fantastic. I love it when I gain a nugget like this by just perusing the forums.
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