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    Osric ??

    Hello, this is probably a horrible question, but what is OSRIC? I have been playing for the last 30 yrs and feel like I should probably already know this, but to be honest I am feeling stupid for asking this question.

    Is OSRIC a different ruleset from D&D or is it a supplement to the original game system. Any help would be great so I can get up to speed.


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    OSRIC, short for Old School Reference and Index Compilation, is a fantasy role-playing game system. It is a recreation of the first edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, and one of the most successful Dungeons & Dragons retro-clones.

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    Is there a base sourcebook that is needed or is it based on the original ruleset?

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    A quick Internet search for OSRIC rulebook will lead you here:
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    There are some FG OSRIC modules that work with the D&D Classics ruleset I believe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnD View Post
    There are some FG OSRIC modules that work with the D&D Classics ruleset I believe.
    You can find those in this post, tho there might be others.
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    It's probably worth explaining why OSRIC really exists, too. It was essentially created to get around licensing/copyright problems of AD&D 1E and allow people to essentially create modules and sourcebooks for AD&D 1E that everyone knew were for AD&D 1E, but didn't actually get in legal trouble by saying they were for AD&D 1E. The rules are as close as they legally can be... I think they may have slightly modified XP values needed to level for the various classes, and copyrighted monsters like "Beholders" got renamed to "Eye Beasts" or something like that.

    In the case of the Fantasy Grounds OSRIC module I created, I created that for the exact same purpose... so that people could publish AD&D adventures for Fantasy Grounds and have them include things like "Goblins" and "fireballs" that work exactly like you'd expect, except it's using OSRIC instead of licensed 2E Player's Handbook or Monstrous Manual. Which means it's 99% identical but legally distinct.

    There's another retroclone called "For Gold and Glory" that does for AD&D 2E what OSRIC does for AD&D 1E. I considered doing that instead, since it's a better fit for the 2E Fantasy Grounds ruleset, but mainly ended up doing OSRIC instead because it's got better name recognition and because Fantasy Grounds had started published some of the "Advanced Adventures" lines of modules, which based on OSRIC. I figured it would be helpful to authors of those modules.

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