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    Issues with Power calculation

    Okay. I dragged Damage from the Power Effects List into a Power.
    I then added Increased Range into the power.
    I made the power level 8 on the power but it still only cost 8 points.

    So I did it in reverse..
    I dragged Damage from the Power Effects List into a Power.
    I made the power level 8 on the power.
    I then added Increased Range into the power but it still only cost 8 points.

    disheartened, I Dragged in Blast (Essentially the same thing) from the Powers list...
    It was worse.... it add 8 levels... it told me the cost was 9. *GAH!*

    I am not using any extensions. I used drag and drop only. It does not seem that extras/flaws have any impact on cost.

    AM I not doing it correctly? Is this a current issue that is being worked on? Did I neglect to do something or do I need to do something additionally or differently.

    Please help.

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    Additionally, while I very much the appreciate the little checkbox you can click to make the power only cost one part as part as an array, what about Dynamic Array Slots?

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    Please don't just TELL me it works fine....actually SHOW ME HOW TO GET THERE, please.

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    Okay, so not just drag and drop despite the fact it will let me drag and drop. I have to right click on the individual Power Effect and then open that window to THEN drag the extra/flaw into that window and set it up.

    I am clicking on the Array box but it is not cheapening the price. How am I doing that wrong?

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    Powers are already created from the top down. The examples listed from the core rulebook should be helpful in providing guidance on how to build powers. Powers are then dragged to the Powers section on the character sheet and can be organized how you see fit. The wiki does provide some instruction on this https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassia...haracter+Sheet

    The process can either be done in the powers sidebar button or directly on the character sheet. As it seems from the bug report and your responses here it seems you are working directly with the character sheet. To start you click on the blue star to create a power.

    The first field you can enter text is for the name of the power. The next field is for the category you wish to place it under. You can leave this blank if you wish.
    step 1.PNG

    Clicking on the link (white star with green background) will open the Power's details and further modification of the power. This frame will allow you to drop the Power Effects and add Damage and Affliction as examples.
    step 2.PNG

    From here you can add ranks and it should calculate powers based on the formula provided in the core rulebook. If you wish to add additional options, flaws, or extras for the effect, you would need to drag and drop the option to the frame under the effect. You can also configure the option by clicking it's link and changing it's details.
    step 3.PNG

    As for arrays, the radio button is used to allow you manual control over the cost and cease the calculation. You can manually enter the cost to it's array cost by clicking on the radio button and entering the number into the cost box. Organizing your array would be recommended to naming the category to the array name and placing all the powers under neath that category.
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