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    Atlantis Battlemaps KS

    Meanders 5: Atlantis Battlemaps is now live on KS - featuring 30 new maps of this legendary city above the waves and also underwater after a cataclysm destroys it. Hope to see you there 🙂

    Atlantis Promox.jpg
    KrisfromGTW / aka 'Maphatter'. gametilewarehouse2020.com

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    Backed (as always)
    Ultimate License. Running 2 5e campaigns. Asks lots of questions. Mgpotter.com. PureVPN is a tested solution to run games when traveling. https://billing.purevpn.com/aff.php?aff=33044

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    Thank you Myrdin!
    KrisfromGTW / aka 'Maphatter'. gametilewarehouse2020.com

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    I backed this and I believe LadyShel did too!

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    Backed as well. I have several meanders map packs, some maps i still haven't used in a game since i have so many. Quality is always good.

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    Thank you very much Laerun, Ladyshel you guys have always been big supporters of what I do. And thank you Mytherus for the kind words and support too. Couple of days left to go on the KS.
    KrisfromGTW / aka 'Maphatter'. gametilewarehouse2020.com

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