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    LF Paid DND 5E DM (Saturday evening EST)

    Myself and 3 other players have been playing together for 4+ years and are looking to pay a DM to run content for us so we can all play together. Homebrew DND 5E world preferred, but open to stitched together modules. We've been paying for a DM for a few months now but looking to try and find a new DM - current one likes to do too many arena battles for our taste. Some of us are very into content creation (lore, detailed maps, etc) and a few are into crunchy combat. Our group is a bunch of 35+ year old dudes -- looking for someone to run who can be committed. Also interested in opening up a spot for our Fiday night game as a player if the DM is interested. Please let me know what's out there (rate and availability through DM), thanks! Happy to pay via Venmo or PP.

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    Heya, I've been DMing for about 5ish years, and playing a while longer. I have an expansive homebrew setting I use for games, which I've been expanding with varied players over the years. Comes with political intrigue, religious sects and mythology (though draws mostly from Forgotten Realms, I have many homebrew deities), and monstrous adventures. I can tailor a campaign around your group if you'd like, or run you through any of my personal written adventures I've run before, which I can adapt to PC backstories and such as we go along. We can talk more on discord if you'd like to know more: nergalgowouge#3664

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    hey dude drop me a mesage been a dm 20 years fg 3 got a session ready to go cheers

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    Found a DM here, thanks for all the PMs and replies!

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