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    LFP - 5 players needed, Starfinder: Attack of the Swarm! - Sun at 12pm central time

    FG License: I have the ultimate license
    Time Zone: Central Time Zone
    Frequency: Weekly on Sundays at 12pm
    Term: Long Term
    Voice: Discord

    Game System: Starfinder Attack of the Swarm Adventure path
    Game System Experience: I have a pretty good experience with Starfinder. I ran the entire Dead Suns campaign from start to finish, lasted 2 years.

    Story: Attack of the Swarm!: It has been 6 months since the Swarm first touched down on Suskillon in a bloody conflict named the Battle at Stone Sea. After the Swarm punched through the planet’s aerial and orbital defenses, its components landed near the Stone Sea, a large freshwater lake surrounding a dormant volcano. The Fifth Battalion of the Suskillon Defense Force (SDF) was closest to the site of contact and held the Swarm back long enough for the SDF to mobilize other battalions to the area. Stories of the battle have already reached near-mythical heights, as most members of the Fifth Battalion were killed in glorious, terrible combat.Since then, the SDF has fought a losing battle against the Swarm. Though Suskillon is a friendly trading partner with the Pact Worlds, the planet’s government has yet to officially request aid, with many afraid that the Pact Worlds will claim their planet as a protectorate in “payment” for such help. However, that hasn’t stopped volunteers and mercenaries from other systems (including the Pact Worlds and the Veskarium) from journeying to Suskillon to join in the fight against the invasion. The Swarm is relentless, though, and it has already overran and taken nearly half of the planet. In an effort to replenish the ranks of the Fifth Battalion, the SDF has recruited mercenaries and offworlders, made deals with prisoners and pirates, and accepted nearly every volunteer who can hold a gun. These new soldiers—which include the PCs—are being trained and outfitted at Camp Cavalier, a small encampment just outside of Brinnoa.

    Things to know: This is going to be a very militaristic adventure that is a call back to classic sci fi novels and does a great job doing it. Looking for players that love a healthy mix of combat and RP and believe me there will be plenty of opportunity for both. I currently have the core rulebook, adventure path, the character operations manual, both crit and fumble decks as well. Even though this will be an adventure path I am going to have some tweaks and twists throughout to keep people on their toes. New players are welcome though prefer people who have not played the adventure path yet. So.....who among you will answer the call??

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    Is there any chance you would do it a little later on Sunday

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