FG License: Unity Ultimate

Game System: Pathfinder PF 2e

Time Zone: EST

Day of week and time: 3 PM EST 6/19/2021

Text or Voice: Voice

Voice software used: Discord

Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? : No

Roleplay & Combat mix: One Shots 50/50

Number of Players in game & needed: 4 total players we are in need of 1 more. New players are welcome

Character starting level & equipment: Level 4 pregen

Details of your scenario:

Dinner at Lionlodge, a Pathfinder One-Shot

Invited to a hunting lodge to attend a grand dinner, the PCs are in for a treat. Initially called forth to go on an exciting hunt the following day, an uncomfortable meal causes some trepidation. The eccentric hunter who inhabits the lodge has other plans for his guests. Can the group figure out what's going on before their dinner is ruined?

If you have any questions please feel free to post here!