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    I've found the paraphrase extension but I'm been having a hard time finding a good p2e monster maker. Plan to use Grim hollow Etheris for my next campaign and heed to make some horror based monsters. Tried to find converts for 5e and p1e converters but no luck so far.
    Here, this conversion system will do the trick!

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    Quote Originally Posted by spoonhead View Post
    In what ways can we help? Iíve added a bit of coding to some of the haunts in Abomination Vaults. And I tend to go through every encounter to check on what is coded and what isnít, adding in stuff where possible.
    Honestly, there are many simple ways and innumerable ways to help.

    First, every suggestion, bug report, or simple feedback is valuable. Example: Recently, someone pointed out that some rooms have "hazards" that aren't fully displayed in a stat block, but have various impacts on game play. It was with that in mind I realized how useful it would be to have these also built in. So, as I am finishing up Abomination Vault #3, I'm adding in things like the screenshot attached to this thread: SPOILER ALERT! If you are a player, don't open the image as it will ruin a potential "surprise" you are in store for in Eyes of Empty Death.

    The goal is always to try to find additional ways to improve every experience in Fantasy Grounds. I know I have learned a lot in the short time I have been working on things for PF2 and continue to evolve and (hopefully) have created better products with each effort.

    Beyond that, though, all the community projects, new extensions, themes, etc., are invaluable to the experience in game. Add to the the support people get when they come out to the forums with a question, it's a great place to be.
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    Harking back to the original topic, there are a bunch of charts and advice in the Gamemaster Guide (mechanics for such found here) for building new monsters and npcs, and some "quick and dirty" advice in this free download. I assume GM guide conversion to Fantasy Grounds is slowed because of how much automation has been and is being added to PF2e core and there's no point in making GM Guide tools for them to break with all these awesome big updates.

    Personally, I usually copy an existing monster or NPC, change the token and maybe the weapon name of the attack, and might write a blurb for my own benefit to remind me what the thing is for once the session starts. After all, I'm LAZY.

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