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    LFG 1 Player Sunday AM or Thursday PM CST

    License - FGC/FGU normal license
    Time Zone - US CST (GMT -5)
    Days - Hoping for Sunday mornings or Thursday evenings, weekly or bi-weekly
    Term - Long term
    Voice - Discord preferred, but I can use whatever

    Game system preferred - PF1e, PF2e, or D&D 5e
    Experience - Quite a bit
    FG experience - Very experienced with classic
    Character type - Any

    About - Just a busy, married, middle-aged guy looking for a game to fit my schedule. The game can be serious or light-hearted and heavy on roleplay or combat.
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    I got a Monster Hunter themed game rolling on Thursdays
    Starts at 7pm EST for about 3 hours weekly
    Base is 5th edition with a bunch of homebrew if your interested.

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