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    Extending the window for the character sheet on the "main" and "combat" tabs

    Hey so, I only play 4E so idk if this is specifically a 4E issue or not but something that my players have often complained to me about is how the character sheet doesn't adjust appropriately when you resize the window, most pronounced in the "main" and "combat" tabs. I've tried running different themes but to no effect. I've attached a couple of screen grabs to help illustrate what I'm talking about.

    Is this something that can be fixed? My players (and I) would be most grateful if anyone can help out with this
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    The spacing of all of those controls has been individually set. It's not easy (actually, it's almost impossible) to change the small spacing between, and sizing of, that many controls to give a reasonable resizing result. Whereas it doesn't look nice, you actually wouldn't gain anything functionally from resizing those controls - that is, the combat and main tabs don't contain any lists that require scrolling through, or string controls that don't show the whole word; so resizing the window on those tabs doesn't actually gain any more useful character sheet real-estate - even if the controls did resize/reposition. So, yeah, it doesn't look great - but the gains (other than ascetics) are minimal, would be complex to execute, and still wouldn't look great because it would be very difficult to write the code that calculates the required changes for so many accurately placed controls.
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    Oh, unlucky =/

    I didn't think there would be a functional benefit beyond making it more readable, but if it's almost impossible then I'll just tell my players they'll have to deal. Thanks for letting me know!

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    Have you tried just using /scaleui 125 or /scaleui 150 in chat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by damned View Post
    Have you tried just using /scaleui 125 or /scaleui 150 in chat?
    I did not know about this feature, thank you!

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