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Thread: Ruleset Updates

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    Ruleset Updates


    • [Fixed] Clipped column header on Background tab of character sheet.
    • [Fixed] Corrected tooltip on Background Add button.
    • [Fixed] Incorrect calculation of PD when character sheet first opened.
    • [Fixed] DMGO effects are now correctly applied at the END of the actor's turn.
    • [Removed] Senses control from NPC sheet.
    • [Updated] Beginning the process of breaking this ruleset away from the 4E ruleset. No visible changes at this time, just restructuring of windowclass definition hierarchy.
    • [Fixed] Various editorial changes in 13th Age Core Rules module.
    • [Added] Category (melee vs. ranged), Range (for ranged weapons), and missing subclasses for weapons in Core Rules module. Category and Range not visible in UI yet, this was just an internal data change in preparation for future UI changes.
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    • [Fixed] NPC sheets are resizable again.
    • [Added] Ported GlobalDebug framework from PF2 ruleset into 13A and adding scoping functionality.
    • [Fixed] Ongoing damage was either not applied at all, or applied at the wrong time.
    • [Fixed] Incorrect labels for PD and MD on the combat tab of the character sheet.
    • [Fixed] Ability control in backgrounds tab not updating correctly.
    • [Fixed] Level/role control on NPC sheet clipping when text gets long.
    • [Fixed] Incremental Advances label on main tab of character sheet extending past frame boundaries.
    • [Fixed] Background list items were clipping controls in the window.
    • [Fixed] Cleaned up odd behavior in the interaction between the backgrounds tab on the character sheet, and the backgrounds tab in the party sheet. They are no longer as tightly linked as they once were.
    • [Added] 4E skill challenge window replaced with a skill/background window for triggering skill/background tests to one or multiple players at the same time, and allowing them to select the background to use.
    • [Updated] More 4e ruleset dependency-breaking.
    • [Removed] Unused link control in background items.
    • [Added] Drag/drop information added to races in core rules module.
    • [Added] Races and classes added to sidebar along with race and class window classes.
    • [Added] Drop/drop race assignment now supported in character sheet. Supports changing race via drag/drop as well.
    • [Added] Drag/drop information added to classes in core rules module.
    • [Added] Drag/drop character leveling initial work. Still in-progress, not yet enabled.
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    • [Fixed] nil reference script errors when using powers from the character sheet.
    • [Fixed] Warning about missing script file.
    • [Fixed] Warnings about out-of-range values in "tabs" and "desktop" frames.
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