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    @rhagelstrom have you seen or considered a way to have "once-per-turn" abilities, such that the effect can be set to never expire and it just toggles active/inactive? This would apply to, for example, the Ranger Monster Slayer ability "Slayer's Prey," which is only used on the first hit per turn but lasts until your next rest.
    You can use the ONTURN using this EXT for this.

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    Hi rhagelstrom this extension adds some really nice functionality, great work!!

    Unfortunately the STURNREturn modifier function seems to break down if initiative is rolled each round. I haven't tested with any of the other turn modifier functions (yet) so can't say about any of the others.
    Is there any chance you can take a look into this?

    Cheers, Steve.

    Scratch the above, just checked and saw that you moved the initiative update to it's own extension. With the two running it works perfectly
    Thanks again for this ext.
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    Hi been looking around for this but cant find a answer.

    Is there anyway to make the *DMGADD* commands (like TDMGADDS), only trigger on melee attacks?

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