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    No, this is not specifically documented; as documentation takes developer time (and we're short on developers right now) and is evolving as new features are added.

    Examples of any image record XML data can be generated by making similar changes in the FG interface, and saving the campaign data for perusal.

    @cpinder has pointed out what he thinks the problem possibly lies.


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    Sure. Rounding all of the indexes to 1 decimal point is easy enough. Was just looking to see if there are any more gotchas in the schema.

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    Hmm... this is looking like FGU is slipping up. I've built a version that only emits 1 decimal point for occluders, and another version which emits _no_ decimal point values, and for both maps a token could escape through a corner. The corner isn't emitted as two separate occluders that happen to butt up to each other, but as 3 points in a sequence forming an L, and the token manages to escape through the corner. I was using the mouse to wave my token around that corner. With some further fiddling, it seems that even if the token doesn't escape the wall, if it manages to hug a wall close enough, it can see both sides of the wall. I happen to be using an Air Elemental (5E DnD) for my test.

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    Can you provide an image and XML exhibiting this issue; and a rough idea of where it is occurring on the image?
    A sample campaign including the image/XML with a token next to the spot would be ideal.


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    Campaign forwarded in a PM.

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    Imagix thank you for making this and Varex thank you for the install directions. Works like a charm.

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