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    Range of Vision


    I am trying to limit the vision of the players. example. Map is covered in a deep fog that reduces vision to 20 for darkvision or 10' with a torch . (ya im mean its really deep)
    Anyway I have tried to play token vision but every time i load the map the players see everything. I am I doing something wrong? is there a way to limit map visibility without setting it for each token individually?

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    There is not a mechanism to reduce all player visions to specific distances.
    To do this manually, you would need to modify the sense distances on each PC sheet to modify special sense range; as well as use the "VISION: #" in the combat tracker to limit the standard vision range.


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    I mean, depending on what ruleset you're on, there exist AURA effect extensions now that could do just that:
    Put an aura on an invisible fog token in the CT that automatically applies to all in a X foot radius of it a reduction of their vision and you're good ^^

    Now, I don't know if the game can recognize if a token has darkvision or not to apply the different vision ranges with the IF factor.

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