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    How do you print character sheets?

    Hi folks, just a quick query.
    Is it possible to print out my characters?
    I am running a Rolemaster Classic game and my players would like a hard copy of their chars when we play face to face.
    I know that they could just copy them out...but they are players...and therefore lazy
    Many thanks for any help.

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    There are not any tools to print out character sheets, because the data formats and desired display formats are completely unique to each game system and each user.

    You could export the character XML, and use tools like XSL to create your own printable format.

    @ddavison created a tool to do something similar with XSL; but it only runs on Windows, and only comes with sheets for 5E and Savage Worlds.


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    Many thanks for the info.
    Guess my poor players will have to do 10 minutes work this week

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    In Windows 10 Win-Shift-S will let you quickly snip a portion of the desktop and paste into pretty much anything that takes an image. So you could do this with each character sheet tab and paste them into word pad.

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    Yeah, good tip.
    Might give that a go.

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    Hi Alan,

    I created an XSL file that can be used with the Universal Character Sheet Printer that Moon Wizard posted the link to in the 2nd post. Once I work out where the image files for the character sheet can be hosted. I will post a new thread with all the information after I figure that out. Hopefully it will be soon. Here is an example of part of a character sheet for a character I was testing with: RMC Character Sheet Printer.PNG

    Please let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.


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    The XSL file can be found here along with a link to the Universal Character Printer:

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