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    Meanders Digital Modular Battlemaps - SEWERS KS

    Hello Everyone - the latest expansion for the Meanders Map Range is currently on Kickstarter and features a sprawling fantasy sewer system. Adding to the 1800+ Existing Meander Maps in the range - This extension will feature Several Entrances/Exits, Straights, Corners and Crossroads and lots of rooms ready to be customized. Lit from the streetlight above, or the grim shadows illuminated by flickering torchlight below, Spider-Webbed Corridors, Multiple lairs for various beasts, Large Open Spaces and Narrow Confines, Noxious Gases, Great Drops and Ledges, Sections under Construction, Huge Gates to God-Knows-Where and the Underdark, an Underdwellers little City and Black Market - all-in-all a Labyrinthine complex of slime, ick and dark fun.

    New Promo Funded.jpg

    If you're looking for Sewers - check it out.

    Additionally - Game Tile Warehouse has just upgraded to FGU and will be looking at Line of Sight and the new Map Features to update existing map/token making practices and look at re-configuring Meanders Map packs to FGU Standards later this year. Big thanks to Smiteworks for the gifted license, Fantasy Grounds College for its assistance and tutorials, and everyone that uses or supports my work

    Kind Regards,
    KrisfromGTW / aka 'Maphatter'. gametilewarehouse2020.com

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    Just a follow up - this campaign is now closed. Thank you.
    KrisfromGTW / aka 'Maphatter'. gametilewarehouse2020.com

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    As always, I backed it.
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    Meanders 5: Atlantis

    Quote Originally Posted by Myrdin Potter View Post
    As always, I backed it.
    And s always, I appreciate the support you have shown me these many years Myrdin. Funding and RPG camaraderie has given me the time to develop my skills, increase my speed, attempt greater challenges and diversity and to launch new campaigns at a more rapid pace, such as this...


    Thank you man.
    KrisfromGTW / aka 'Maphatter'. gametilewarehouse2020.com

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