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    How do you handle Elemental Attack Rolls and Spells in Fantasy Grounds

    There isn't a table, so how do you setup NPCs for elemental spells? As an example, a 5th level Gnome with Wind Law wishes to cast Stun Cloud. How do you set that up in play?

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    For this I would use the RR table.

    Have the caster roll a Base Spell Attack. Look up the result on the RR table. Then have the target(s) roll RR.

    Just FYI, Dakadin is working on automating Base Spell attack/RR lookups. The info he gave in the ICE discord was pretty impressive. I don't know what his timeline is though.
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    Hi motlerkombat,

    For NPCs, you can create a new NPC or use an existing one then open Spell Law in the Library. There will be a link for Spell Attacks. Open that then drag the links for the spell attacks that you need to the NPCs Attacks section. Hopefully this screenshot helps:
    NPC Spells.PNG

    As Sulimo mentions, I've been working on automating the Table Resolver. I've been able to use the new functionality for 2 sessions now and it really speeds things up. I am trying to track down all the issue with all the different possible table types and I've been adding new functionality based on those tests to handle some of the areas where it still slows down a bit. It speeds up looking up the tables and applying the results while still providing the GM with the ability to fudge the results if they choose. I am going to miss the deadline for this Tuesday's release but should make the next Tuesday's release at the rate things are going.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.


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